Universal Silver Accessories: Crosses

27th February 2022

Whenever you look through online catalogs of jewellery, one simple question arises — what to choose? There are multiple dos and don’ts in the field, so it takes time to build your own functional decision-making strategy. More barriers on the way to receiving a stunning accessory appear when stereotypes and religious symbolism are involved in the process.

Without a doubt, pendant necklaces are among the easiest solutions to pick up. They will suit hundreds and thousands of outfit styles and owners’ moods. Is it right for silver crosses as well? It is high time to check it out with FJewellery. Stay tuned to find out more about these gorgeous symbols.

Are Cross Necklaces Inexpensive?

In the majority of cases, this style belongs to the category of jewellery goodies that come at the best prices. It is pretty affordable thanks to silver alloy. Although it is not as qualitative and durable as gold, the analyzed option will suit different types of skin and is more versatile in terms of matching with alternative accessories.

However, the cost of silver crosses will be increased if the following elements are present:

  • Intricate designs — if your desired cross is more of a fashion symbol, there is nothing wrong about including extra patterns in its layout to make it more eye-catching. For instance, handcrafted designs easily come with Gothic or Celtic ornaments. In the market, there are special models with floral and natural patterns on the standard cross background.
  • Gemstones — silver is a favorable material to turn any crystal into a shining treasure. If you desire to buy a beautiful and affordable piece, a solution with cubic zirconia stones will work. These accessories are present with colourful gems as well, including sapphires, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and more. The final price tag is predetermined by their clarity, carat weight, and hint.

Different Types of Crosses

How many crosses are there in the jewellery market? The answer seems obvious, but crosses are something more than a simple intercrossing of two perpendicular arms.

Compare the styles and check their photos before deciding which option is worth ordering from the online catalog:

  • Latin cross — this varietal is the closest to typical people’s associations with crosses. By far, it is also the most known and famous layout. Its main distinguishing feature is a unique proportion between the arms — the bottom one is larger than other components.
  • Celtic — if you desire to avoid any religious issues and get a marvelous pendant necklace, pay more attention to Celtic crosses. This design has an additional circle over the Latin cross, so you will easily distinguish it from others.
  • Orthodox cross — thanks to the presence of additional arms, this is a direct symbol of the crucifixion. It comes with decorative elements, including gemstones, so it is a more festive style to buy.

Your choice won’t be limited. After all, there are more than twenty types of cross styles to select from. The FJewellery assortment will be a useful guiding power for beginners.