UNISON, the UK‚s largest union today slammed the government’s economic failure after unemployment figures revealed that the damaging stagnation in the jobs market has continued, with unemployment rising to 2.52 million.

Public sector job loss totals reveal that the toll of job losses in the sector have continued, with 20,000 public sector workers losing their jobs in the last quarter. There are now 5.7 million public sector workers in the UK.

Young people, women and regions of the UK including the North West and North East, continue to be hard hit by rising unemployment.

Dave Prentis, UNISON General Secretary, said:

“This time five years ago there were one million fewer unemployed people in the UK. The government has failed every single one of these people and it has failed our country.

“Every redundancy is a personal tragedy and brings with it hardship for the whole family. And the story behind each job lost in the public sector is one of libraries closing, day care centres shutting, fewer nurses on the wards or young people losing vital careers advice and help.

“Instead of the bedroom tax or cutting child benefit, the government could dramatically reduce the welfare bill by getting people back to work. It must start by stemming the tide of public sector job losses that are so damaging to our country.

“The Government should use today’s Budget to take bold action to fuel growth. Taxing banking bonuses could provide vital funds to stop the jobs carnage in the public sector and provide the jobs and growth our economy so desperately needs.”

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