By: Joel Rodwell

Sefton Council issued less than 24 hours notice to businesses and shoppers informing them they could not park all day on Tuesday 24th March to complete new road markings.

However on the day, the cones were promptly put down the street at 7am blocking any potential car spaces. The cones were then removed at 3:30pm yet no work had been completed.

New signs were displayed the next day informing Union Street that yet again no parking was  allowed from 8am – 8pm on Wednesday 25th March and the work was eventually completed at 2pm.

Catherine from Tapper’s Cafe said “There is no doubt that this has affected my trade on both days. Myself and other businesses cannot understand why such markings cannot be completed during the night where it doesn’t affect the businesses or why they couldn’t do one side of the street one day and another the next? We understand that such maintenance needs to be completed but there is clearly no consideration for small businesses.”

Another business which would like to remain anonymous adds “There seems to be no pride in the workmanship and standards of the job which has been completed. The new road markings are not straight or consistent and there is paint spilled all over the road which is such a shame as it affects the overall appearance of the street.”


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