Uninsured Southport driver has van seized by Police

4th July 2017

Uninsured Southport driver has van seized by Police

Roads Policing Unit TX20 has completed a hat trick of seizures in Southport with this Vauxhall Combo van, seized for being driven by a male without Insurance.

The vehicle was taken to a secure compound until the owner produces a valid insurance and pays compound fees.

Police officers have the power to seize a vehicle if they have a “reasonable cause to believe” that the vehicle was, or had been, used whilst uninsured or by a driver who did not hold a valid driving licence for that type of vehicle.

If a vehicle has been seized, it may be reclaimed by the person who was the owner or keeper of the vehicle at the time it was seized. Before the vehicle will be returned, the owner or keeper must comply with certain legal requirements. Each of these requirements must be complied with within seven working days of receiving the seizure notice, which will have been given to the driver at the roadside or sent to the Registered Keeper by post.

Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and bank holidays are not working days, all other days are working days.

If all of the requirements are not completed within seven working days, the vehicle will be disposed.

Disposal will occur 15 days after the date of the seizure, or 15 days after the service of an official notice, if the notice was sent by post to the Registered Keeper after the vehicle was seized.

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