Under the Pier Show

29th April 2018

Under the Pier Show

Southport’s Rubbish Friends got under the pier today and transformed a litter strewn eyesore into a green oasis.

The volunteers sprung into action and within an hour they had removed 68 bags of litter along with an assortment of dumped items.

“It was a tremendous team effort.” Said, Councillor Pat Keith: “In fact one man who was walking past was so impressed that he instantly took his jacket off, asked for a litter picker, and next minute he had joined us.

“It’s hugely disheartening to see the amount of litter flung under the pier. It wasn’t so long ago that we cleared it and today it was as bad as ever. It gives a terrible impression to visitors and residents alike – It’s a blot on the landscape.”

“It was great to welcome some new friends along today. Litter is an emotive issue and luckily there are good people around who are willing to give up their time to clear other people’s mess.

If you would like to be a rubbish friend to Southport please get in touch.

Email cllrpatriciakeith@gmail.com
Telephone 07735005802