Unbelievable Car Customisations: The Most Outrageous Mods Ever

22nd June 2023

When it comes to car customising, some people have opted to take it to an entirely new level that mingles creativity and jaw-dropping outrageousness.

From using unconventional materials to splurging on mind-bending modifications, car lovers around the world have transformed their vehicles into moving works of art that turn heads every time they cruise down the street.

To better appreciate some of these rare and wonderful ‘mods gone mad’, let’s take a thrilling journey into the world of truly outrageous car customisations. Prepare to be amazed – and, in some cases, perplexed – by some of the most remarkable and outlandish motor mods ever witnessed on four wheels.

But first, if you’re interested in personalising your own vehicle in the near future, let’s take a quick look at some of the more familiar and easily achievable mods favoured by the likes of you and me, to give you some inspiration.

Popular Mods To Consider For Your Car

While we may not be able to match some of the truly jaw-dropping modifications you can see across the pond, as our drivers are bound by some pretty strict red tape, the UK is still home to a sizeable number of modified cars. Some customisations are more subtle than others, some are probably illegal, and a few actually strip value from a car – but make it undeniably cooler to drive.

Here are some of the most frequently seen car modifications you can find in the UK, a few of which you may want to consider for your own motor if you want to help it stand out from the crowd.

Upgraded Wheels And Tyres

These days, many drivers like to alter their cars by adding larger wheels and tires to beef up their motor’s appearance. While this can undeniably make a vehicle look more impressive, it’s important to consider the pros and cons, as the size of wheel or tire can have a serious impact on your car’s performance, and even affect your fuel bills.


Spoilers are another common car modification that you’ll see on vehicles across the UK. Typically associated with sports cars and American muscle machines, these days you’ll also find them on Hondas too.

Of course, the point of a spoiler is to make a car more stable when it’s tearing along at high speeds, so they’re not strictly necessary on UK roads – but they certainly make a car look more sporty. However, you need to research the legalities of adding a spoiler to your car, as while spoilers aren’t illegal, they need to be safe and shouldn’t be overly modified.

Personalised Number Plates

Personalised number plates, such as the ones you can find with the help of Regtransfers, are another highly popular car mod. After all, having a private plate allows you to put your own stamp on your vehicle – making it an ideal ‘entry mod’ for car owners who don’t want anything too outrageous.

All you need to do to find the right private plate is to provide your name, initials or any preferred numbers, and it shouldn’t be long before you’re provided with a personal number plate that has some special meaning.

Souped-Up Engines

Another car modification that you will often see – or, rather, hear – is the modified engine.

Generally, this kind of customisation is designed to add more horsepower and boost the power of your vehicle. There are a number of ways to achieve this – from adding a performance air filter to installing a supercharger or turbo, or remapping the Engine Control Unit. Again, it’s important to check which engine modifications are legal before you go ahead.

Tinted Windows

Last but not least, tinted windows are another popular modification that protects your passengers from the glare of the sun and adds a rather elegant and expensive look to your vehicle. Different types of tints are available so you can hopefully find the ideal shade for your taste – and your car – while still remaining within the bounds of the law.

Some Of The World’s Most Outlandish Mods

At last, it’s time to break the suspense and take a look at some of the car world’s most outrageous and impressive modifications!

Motor Psycho

The name of this intimidating-looking modified vehicle alone is more than enough to command attention, but when you see the actual car (originally a 1934 Ford 3 Window Coupe) you’re sure to be impressed by its hulking black form, super-charged 6.8-litre v8 engine – and the fact that it can produce a gargantuan 2500bhp!

The World’s Smallest Roadworthy Car

If you’re looking for a modified car that’s very easy on the wallet when it comes to fuelling up then you may want to take a leaf out of Alex Orchin’s book and purchase a titchy Peel P50. A replica of the original P50, which was first launched back in the 60s, Orchin’s pint-sized blue 3-wheel car costs just £7 to fill up at the petrol station and is described by Orchin as being “fun to own”, not to mention a major attention-grabber.

The Monster Truck Limousine

Combining the size and power of a conventional monster truck with the elegance of a limousine, the Monster Truck Limousine dubbed the USS Compensator is an undeniably outrageous creation that turns heads wherever it goes.

With enormous tires, a stretched frame, military-spec tires, and a rooftop platform, this custom-made limo was lovingly built by Jordan Foster from Oregon, and offers a truly unique driving experience reminiscent of “a cruise ship on choppy water” as Peel told Motor1. There’s no doubt about it – the USS Compensator is a quirky and beguiling blend of contrasting concepts, and the limitless possibilities of car modification.

The Jet-Powered Beetle

Strap yourself into the fastest Volkswagen Beetle you’ve ever seen! A daring automotive enthusiast, Ron Patrick, decided to equip his Beetle with a jet engine, transforming it into a high-speed rocket on wheels.

The roaring flames and incredible acceleration of this jet-powered Beetle will leave you breathless. It’s a perfect example of how imagination and engineering skills can lead to jaw-dropping customisations – and, surprisingly enough, it’s totally road-legal.

The Upside-Down Car

Imagine driving down the street and seeing a car flipped upside down. That’s exactly what you’d encounter if you came across the famous Upside-Down car on the roads on Clinton, Illinois.

A local car enthusiast and automobile body shop owner took a 1991 Ford Ranger and inverted it, creating an eye-catching red-and- automotive illusion that appears to defy gravity. This labour of love cost around US$6000 to make, and amusingly enough its number plate reads FLIPOVR. It’s an extraordinary visual spectacle that challenges conventional notions of car design.

The Disco Ball Smart Car

Turning a Smart Car into a rolling disco ball is perhaps one of the most eccentric car modifications ever. Covered entirely in mirrored tiles, this custom Smart Car creates a mesmerising kaleidoscope effect as it catches the sunlight. The brainchild of a German techno band called Apparatjik, it was specially designed for a film project but serves as a testament to the creativity and sense of fun that some car fanatics bring to their customisation projects.


The world of car customisations is a playground for those seeking to push the boundaries of what is possible. From transforming cars into submarines and limousines into monster trucks to adding jet engines and creating gravity-defying optical illusions, these outrageous mods are a testament to human ingenuity and passion.

Whether it’s for sheer entertainment value, or to express individuality, these remarkable car modifications prove that imagination has no limits. So, the next time you see a modified car on the road, take a moment to appreciate the combination of incredible dedication, technical skill, and creativity that went into transforming it from a bog-standard vehicle to a remarkable custom-made machine.