Above: Vince Cable in Southport 2014

UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall today accused Vince Cable of being “staggeringly arrogant” after the Business Secretary told senior EU officials the Conservative promise to hold a referendum on EU membership is “actually dangerous.”

Mr Nuttall, North West MEP, said, “If it is Cable’s opinion that giving the British people their say on one of the most important political questions is dangerous, then he has some cheek referring to himself as a Liberal ‘Democrat’.”

“It displays a staggering level of arrogance that Cable believes the British public should not be trusted to decide who governs their own country.

“UKIP wholeheartedly believes that the European question should be settled in a full, free and fair referendum like any true democrat would argue.

“Cable’s position reveals the true opinion of the LibLabCon on the European question and by saying such derogatory statements about the British public it is only persuading more people that UKIP is the radical, viable and practical way to get our country back,” he said.

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