Two arrested after thefts from cars in Birkdale

19th April 2021

Following a number of recent thefts and attempted thefts from cars in the Southport area, two men were arrested on Sunday 18th April.

The first man was arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning, following a call from a member of the public about a man seen trying car door handles in the Birkdale area.

Police patrols in the area located the man and after a short chase, arrested him. He has been charged with 1 theft from a motor vehicle and 6 counts of vehicle interference. The man has not been named at this time, due to further offences also under investigation being considered. As and when this process is completed, the man will be named.

The second man was arrested on Sunday evening, after a member of the public reported a man trying car door handles in the Radnor Drive area. A local man was subsequently arrested and taken to custody. No charging decision had been made at the time of writing, hence why the man has not yet been named.

Three business burglaries in the High Park area that took place over the weekend are also under investigation.
Motorists are advised to double check that vehicles are left locked every time they are parked up and to ensure no items of value are left in them.