Essential tree maintenance work is set to take place on Lord Street, Southport, starting on Monday, September 24.

The much-needed project, by Sefton Council’s Tree and Woodlands team, follows calls from businesses and residents about loss of light, low branches and other issues.

Expert contractors will mainly prune back overgrown trees which improves their long-term health while addressing problems caused by overhanging branches.

A small number of dead or dying trees – 14 in total – will also be removed for safety reasons. These make up around four per cent of the 350 trees along the famous boulevard.

Contractors will start work at around 6am each day to limit the impact on businesses along the popular shopping street. The project is expected to last up to four weeks.

Jude Burgess, from Sefton Council’s Tree and Woodlands team, said: “We are pleased to be able to progress this important work.

“The pruning will cover various operations such as the removal of branches hanging close to the footpath and road, and also clearance around street signs and lighting columns.

“The trees that have been identified for removal are either dead or dying and as such pose a health and safety risk. We only remove trees as a last resort but have no option other than to remove the 14 in question.

“Our contractor will try to keep noise levels to a minimum before 8.30am, and we are aiming to get the works completed as quickly as possible.”

To contact the council’s Tree and Woodlands team, call 0151-934 2361, or e-mail

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