Transport police issue urgent warning to vandals

British Transport Police officers fear a death could be imminent if graffiti vandals continue to risk their lives venturing onto the railway.

They say that recent evidence of graffiti on the Manchester to Liverpool line demonstrates the increasingly precious positions graffiti vandals are risking to boost their profile.

Inspector Jayne Lewis said: “Recent examples of graffiti on rail stanchions (poles that hold overhead electric lines in place) on the Chat Moss line which runs from Manchester Deal Street to Edge Hill, show the risks these people are willing to take in a bid to gain glory among the graffiti community -but where is the glory in being electrocuted or maimed?

“Apart from the fact that this is a serious criminal offence it is extremely dangerous. Climbing onto the railway in a bid to get their tag in ever more daring places will inevitably result in serious injury or death.

“We cannot overemphasise that the railway can be an incredibly dangerous place. Going to such lengths to vandalise the railway is staggeringly stupid, especially given the close proximity to overhead lines.

“In fact it is nothing short of miraculous that the offenders in this case were not electrocuted.”

Officers have increased patrols in the area and continue to work with colleagues in the rail industry to deter vandals and apprehend and prosecute those who the indulge in any kind of criminal activity on the rail network.


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