Train buffs delight at new Northern Line stock appearance

One of Northern’s “new” flexi units passes Burscough Bridge on 13.2.2020.

This is believed to be the first time this type of train has been out on the Southport to Wigan line.

These are electric multiple units that have been moved up from the south of the country and been reengineered with a diesel engine added to the electrical capability of the train.

The plans are to use them along this line, running on the diesel engines until they get to Wigan or Bolton where they will be able to be powered from the overhead electric cables to run onto Manchester

The service had left Wigan Springs Branch depot and travelled to Southport and is now on its return journey to Wigan.

The train had left Springs Branch at 10.08, arrived in Southport at 10.57 and passed Burscough Bridge at 11.10. It ran under headcode or train reporting no 3Z51.

photo image Cw 7042 Colin Wareing