Hundreds of people have continued their support of children at Ormskirk hospital after seeing an OTS News story on the facility.

Following a donation of £500 from the League of Friends has allowed play specialists at Ormskirk Hospital to refresh their toybox.

Now even more residents are giving up toys and donations.

The toy box- also known as a ‘distration box’-say staff, provides a vital distraction for children attending for tests and treatment.

The League of Friends charity works to raise money for the purchase of equipment for patients and improve the hospital environment. Volunteers run the tea bar in the hospital reception.

Dave Halsall, general office manager at Ormskirk Hospital and a charity trustee, said: “We have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds over the years. Hopefully, during this time, we have brought comfort to patients passing through the hospital.

“Our goal is to help buy anything that is needed but cannot be purchased by the hospital trust.”