Photo: The former pumping station at King’s Gardens in Southport

Former town centre pumping station to be turned into a new restaurant

The former pumping station is the focus of this application and has since become surplus to requirements of Sefton Council. Sefton Council is looking to dispose of the building for new and appropriate use as the building is located in an historically sensitive area as it is contained within the Southport Promenade Conservation Area and also Kings Gardens, which included on the list of registered parks and garden at Grade II status. The building was used as a pumping station however this use has now ceased and is used by Sefton Council for the purposes of storage.


Sunderland Peacock and Associates Ltd have been commissioned to produce this supporting document as part of an application for Planning permission for the proposed conversion of the pumping station into a new restaurant. The purpose of this document is to provide the Local Planning Authority with the necessary and appropriate information that will inform the proposals and describe the design strategy that has been undertaken in order to reach the current design proposals. An assessment of the heritage values of the affected heritage assets will be undertaken in order to assess any impact on their significance. A heritage impact assessment will be undertaken as requested by the Local Planning Authority as part of the pre-application advice response. This Document has been commissioned by Mr. Davidson and Mr. Gascoigne who are the applicants in this case. This document is for the sole purpose for which it has been commissioned and is to be read in conjunction with all other application documents.


The building was previously used as a sewage pumping station but has since become surplus to requirements and is no longer required by Sefton Council, which currently uses the building for storage purposes. It is proposed that the building be converted for use as a restaurant, a use which is considered to be acceptable by Sefton Council for the proposed conversion.


The layout of the site will remain virtually unaltered as this application relates to the re-use of an existing building and site. Parking is to be arranged along the south boundary of the site along the route of the access road from the Promenade. A secure bicycle store will be provided to the west of the site. In terms of the building. The layout of the lower ground floor will consist of: Lower Ground Floor:

• Central seating area.

• WC’s, lift and store to the east.

• Kitchen, servery, kitchen store and office to the west.

• Spiral staircase to the south Upper Ground Floor:

• Central spiral staircase surrounded by large seating area.

• Lift to the east

• Bar to the west


The scale of the building is to remain as it currently exists and it is not proposed that the foot print or height of the existing building be increased.


The appearance of the building following conversion is to be similar to that of the existing building at present. There is to be no extensions or additional floors added to the existing building, as previously proposed as this has since been omitted following an application for preapplication advice. An improvement in the buildings overall condition (currently poor) will contribute to an improved appearance of the building as repairs will be required to the concrete elements of the building. The introduction of modern components, i.e. full height aluminium framed glazing and aluminium facias will add a subtle contemporary element to the overall appearance of existing building. The existing columns are to be retained and the proposed glazing is to be set back from the front face of the columns all as recommended within the pre-application advice response.

You can read the full plans here.

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