Tory MP questioned again about wasting taxpayer money

31st October 2019

The costly “Get ready for Brexit” advertising campaign had “limited impact” on the public, according to the National Audit Office. Southport MP Damien Moore — who was closely involved in the planning for No Deal — is being asked why the government wasted £138 million on the stunt.

“How many more nurses or police officers could we have gotten here in Southport with that money?” Asks John Wright, the Lib Dem candidate in the election.

“Damien Moore hasn’t been upfront with people in our town,” Mr Wright continued.

“When his government was recklessly threatening No Deal, he kept quiet about the damage it could do to his constituents but helped put on an expensive stunt that hardly anyone paid attention to.”

“Despite what the ads promised, we remain a member of the EU. Yet £138 million was wasted on them anyway.”

“I believe Southport residents want an MP who is careful with their hard-earned money.”