Small businesses will be badly affected by No Deal Brexit, secret government documents reveal. Yet it is still uncertain how many in Southport will be at risk if Britain crashes out of the EU on 31st October.

Last night, Boris Johnson was forced to reveal what his government really believes will happen after No Deal. “Business readiness will not be uniform – in general larger businesses…are more likely to have better developed contingency plans than small and medium sized businesses.”

Overall, business readiness is at a “low level” and “will decrease to lower levels” in the days after 31st October.

Damien Moore, Southport’s Conservative MP who is working on the government’s No Deal plans, has come under severe criticism.

The LibDem candidate John Wright said: “Damien Moore knows everything there is to know about No Deal but he’s keeping his constituents in the dark.

“No Deal isn’t a game for Southport. Our high street and small businesses are especially vulnerable.

“Damien Moore needs to start being upfront about the consequences of No Deal.”

The secret government documents – titled “Operation Yellowhammer” – also predict food shortages and significant electricity price rises.