“Tory Euro MPs once again defied Cameron and showed their party’s inconsistency and complacency during the Eurozone crisis when they failed to back the “two pack” solution in the European Parliament this week.  Only on Monday Downing Street was saying the important thing is that the Eurozone should help members of the Eurozone,” said Arlene McCarthy, spokesperson on the Economy for the British Labour Euro MPs.

The European Parliament approved this week new economic governance rules to strengthen eurozone budgetary discipline – known as the “two pack proposals”

While the majority of Euro MPs voted to support these urgent measures to tackle the eurozone crisis and inject confidence into the market, Cameron’s Euro MPs were voting against the package.

 “One Tory Euro MP chose to trivialize the crisis which is now impacting on UK savers and businesses with a rendition of a rap song by 2Pac. This is a serious crisis that needs a serious response not making fun of with a rap singer’s lyrics.” said Euro MP Arlene McCarthy, Vice Chair of the Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee.

“All the mainstream groups in the European Parliament, Left and Right, supported this proposal. We still need more focus on growth but we need to back action on debt and Euro Bonds.”

“If David Cameron publicly says we need an “immediate plan” to save the euro why are his Euro MPs dithering with rap lyrics and voting against?”