Above: Prime Minister, David Cameron

Tories to legalise fox hunting if they win 2015 general election, according to National press!

The party will offer a free vote in the next Parliament if the party wins in May.


David Cameron, the Prime Minister, was an enthusiastic supporter of hunting before he became Tory leader, riding to hounds with the Heythrop Hunt.

So Southport’s Conservative councillors, candidates and loyal supporters also in favour of what may be a highly controversial and disgusting issue on animal abuse?

Hounds ripping a fox to shreds, for ‘sport’, while happy hunters watch.

ots-dos-n-foxPhoto: Credit Bryan & Cherry Photography/ArcticPhotoots-jonesDamian Moore and Cllr Terry Jones, are they in favour of red coat fox hunting, as anticipated by their Tory leaders?young-foxphoto credit:

harperapreywildliferescue.comots-tedCllr Ted Hartill, dressed up as a little school boy for some reason, – in favour of fox abuse?

After the National press revealed recently that the Tories are apparently set to bring back fox abuse I think we have a right to know what Southport’s own clutch of Tories think; or is this someone else’s problem?  

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