5 Top Outdoor Sports for 30+ Years Age

4th February 2023

In most sports, by the time an athlete reaches the age group of 40 and above, their career is over. However, most of the athletes do not even get that far. Not all sports are meant for 30+ years of age but there are surely certain games that can keep them entertained in the long run. Passing 30 or 40 does not mean that the track has come to an end. Always get clearance from your doctor before embarking on newer exercise programs or physical activities. One might definitely lace up the cleats for baseball and soccer again. In the US, there are over 5056 athletes employed among which 61.6% are men and 38.4% are women. The average age of an athlete in the US is 39 years with an annual average wage of $68.7K. Another sport that has classically been a crowd favorite is horse racing and the Grand National racing is the epicenter of all actions. For example, there’s a lot of hype around Grand National 2023  which would be held on Saturday 15 April 2023, at Aintree Racecourse near Liverpool, England. Additionally, horse racing has been a rage since the days of the Greek Olympics when chariot races and bareback mounted horse races were the favorite pass time amongst the rich and wealthy back in 700–40 bce.  Today, this sport is a global phenomenon with an estimated 3.5 million people enrolling in horse riding courses every year as estimated by the British Equestrian Trade Association. So understandably, horse riding finds a special mention when we talk about favorite outdoor sports.


Some of the other popular sports include:

Track And Running

This is the most common activity for adults over 30. Many people choose to compete in races and even train for ultra-distance events or marathons. Age is less of a factor when it comes to distance running where runners in their 30s or even 50s can put up impressive timings. Some runners also enjoy lining up multiple 5k events across the year. Running is a great cardiovascular exercise that helps in boosting up metabolism. Another great idea is to take your kid or toddler on a stroll, while you enjoy a slow and long walk. Of course, there are many productive toys for kids flooding the markets, but outdoor exposure has unparalleled benefits.


Local triathlons include short, safe swims and biking which prepares people for extreme Ironman events later on. Those who are not thrilled with swimming can choose biathlons as well. Extreme sports like full triathlons are indeed a test for physical fitness.


Maintenance of strength as people cross 30 is a major concern. There are multiple athletes over 30 who excel in strength sports. Local events are a great way to boost performances and one can definitely earn records at the master’s level post that. Unless a person has previous experience with lifting, one must start with a basic strength program to avoid terrible muscle cramps or ligament tears.

Mountain Biking and Cycling

Biking and running offer similar cardiovascular benefits. However, for people who prefer cycling over running, there are multiple categories to choose from: Road racing is similar to cycling and older cyclists prefer distance road races. BMX is ideal for people above 30 where robust cycles are ridden on cross-country roads or dirt tracks. To begin with, one must start with short rides and eventually look into local races.


For both men and women, body sculpting and bodybuilding are great ways for staying healthy and athletic. Competing is a choice, otherwise, advanced nutrition and exercise are also a great way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Earlier, sports were all about wellness and health. However, with time, it is a leisure activity, with a competitive spirit. Around 40% of athletes across the US lie in the age group of 40+, 33% lie between 30-40 years, and 27% lie between 20-30 years.


There is no reason to be depressed when you reach a certain age group and feel that there are no chances of competing in team sports or gaming. A wide range of options still exists apart from sitting in front of the television watching the NFL Playoffs, World Series, or Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Championship. Apart from these activities, one can always choose to play at brick-and-mortar or online casinos. These platforms offer no-deposit bonuses, free spins on slots, and many more promotions and bonuses.