Top Five Casino Drama Movies on Netflix

3rd November 2021

Online casino movies have already attracted the attention of gamblers around the world. These movies are full of excitement and anticipation, making you feel as if you are in an actual gambling venue. On the other hand, Netflix is the most popular network to find countless films featuring different topics and characters. So, if you want to learn which movies are the best for gambling enthusiasts, just continue reading this review and pick all the information. And also, if you are looking for an online casino app that you can download and enjoy – here you can find a lot.


Here you can see the list of films described in our review.

  1. Croupier;
  2. Guns, Girls and Gambling;
  3. James Bond: Casino Royale;
  4. Casino;
  5. Rounders.


Croupier is one of the best movies based on the gambling-related theme. The film’s central role is reserved for the croupier, and the action is taking place from his perspective. However, this film also shows the mysterious world of betting, which is not usual for the casino world. More importantly, the main focus is not on luxury venues around Las Vegas but small London rooms. 


The leading actor in the game is Jack Manfred, a writer who gets a croupier job. The gambling world attracts him, and his job takes control over his life. Unfortunately, he ruins the relationship with the girlfriend, and everything seems terrible. Soon, Jack becomes attracted to another gambler Jani and starts meeting her outside of the venue, which the provider strictly prohibits. Jani approaches Jack and asks him to become an insider in the casino while planning a heist. Jack contemplates such a possibility, but even a professional dealer like Jack doesn’t know which cards he will deal with. The genre of the Croupier movie is crime and drama. The release date is July 28, 2000. The filming locations are Neither Winchendon House, Nether Winchendon, and Buckinghamshire in England. The movie’s main actors are Clive Owen, Nick Reding, and Nicholas Ball, and the runtime is 1 hour and 34 minutes.


Guns, Girls and Gambling

Another casino-themed movie is Guns Girls and Gambling. The main activity is focused on the lost artefact during the poker games. As you watch the movie, you will also see many characters looking for it. Here you will notice different individuals such as prostitutes, cowboys, corrupt cops, Indians, and Elvis-looking people. The story of the movie starts with John Smith going to the casino and having his wallet taken. However, he has additional money in another wallet and now he starts an Elvis Impersonation competition and loses. He continues playing together with four other individuals. Soon, he loses from all impersonators, and he goes bankrupt. Later on, he is approached by security guards who believe he stole an old and native mask.


The genre of the film is crime and thriller. The movie was released on March 28, 2013. It was filmed in Utah in the USA. The production companies behind the film are Freefall Films, Hollywood Sky Entertainment, and Incognito Pictures. The main roles belong to celebrities: Gary Oldman, Christian Slater, Powers Boothe, and Helena Mattsson. The director and the writer of the movie is Michael Winnick. Even if Guns Girls and Gambling doesn’t feature free pokies, the atmosphere is intense, and you can learn many things from this legendary movie.


James Bond: Casino Royale


James Bond: Casino Royale is another hit release, introducing the gambling world straight to the TV screens. Released as the original spy comedy, the leading actor of the movie is David Niven. He has the role of the original James Bond 007 and has to investigate disappearances and deaths of nearby spies when learning about news about the death of M. 


During the film, Bond becomes the head of M16, and he understands that enemies have overpowered almost all British agents worldwide due to sex. Bond has successfully resisted several women spies he came across and became a friend of MiMi/Lady Fiona. She is a Smersh agent who gets affected by Bond and starts supporting him to unleash Le Chriffe’s plan to take money for terrorists by cheating at the famous game, Baccarat. From now on, Bond hires certain phoney 007s, such as the spy Vesper Lynd, aiming to take down Le Chiffre and Dr Noah agents. As for the leading roles in the movie, we can see Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress, and David Niven. The movie has become one of the most popular not only among gamblers but also among different audiences.




Martin Scorsese directs this movie, and it showcases the world of Las Vegas with a sparkling and glamorous atmosphere. However, the film also presents a brutal and cruel world. The movie’s main actors are Ace Rothstein and Nicky Santoro, mobsters who arrive in Las Vegas to live there and work. The story takes place in the 1970s and ’80s. Ace is an operator of the Tangiers casino, and Nicky is his friend engaged in robbing the locals. Unfortunately, Ace falls in love with Ginger, and Nicky becomes a drug addict as they continue with illegal activities. Here you can learn more details about this movie:


  • Release date November 22, 1995;
  • Filming locations are Hanford, California, USA;
  • Production companies behind the movie are Universal Pictures, Syalis DA and Légende Entreprises;
  • The estimated budget of the movie is $52,000,000;
  • Runtime is 2h 58 min;
  • The main roles are played by Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci.



John Dahl directs the movie. The main story is based on the exploration of New York poker private clubs. The main character is played by law student Mike McDermott (the role of Matt Damon). He loses his savings from an owner of the Russian club, Teddy KGB (played by John Malkovich). Mike decided to leave the cards while devoting themself to law studies and his girlfriend Jo (played by Gretchen Mol). However, when Mike’s ex gambling friend Worm (played by Edward Norton) goes out of prison, his girlfriend starts worrying about Mike. 


Soon, a law student returns to his old habit and enters the poker action. Jo leaves Mike, and he also starts losing interest in law studies. A worm takes a prison debt with him, and Grama (Michael Rispoli) seeks money. As soon as Grama wants his $15,000 in five days, the main characters start engaging in a non-stop gambling action. The movie’s release date is September 11, 1998, and the film locations are 15 Washington Street, Newark, New Jersey, USA. The production companies behind the movie are Miramax and Spanky Pictures. The estimated budget of the film is $12,000,000. The runtime is two hours and 1 minute. The genre of the movie is crime and drama.


There are many other gambling-themed movies. It would be best if you took an opportunity to watch the releases such as Bachelor Party Vegas, Bugsy, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Modern Marvels: Las Vegas, The Cooler, and Ocean’s 11, among others.



As you can see, Netflix movies are more than attractive for casino players around the globe. Not only do they introduce people to the world of gambling, but they also transfer the authentic gambling atmosphere straight to the TV screens. What’s more important about these films is the inclusion of famous actors popular for many other genres.