Top Five Best Cell Phone Tracking Apps of 2021

If you are worried about your mobile phone getting stolen. In that case, you are in the right place as today we will provide you with the solution to this possible problem. Mobile phone tracking is one of the best solutions for making sure that your cell phone is safe or getting its exact location if it gets stolen. Now some many online applications and tools can help you track cell phones, and in this post, we have listed out the top five ones. Selecting the best cell phone tracking application compatible with your device can be difficult. This is why we have tested the top-notch options and have listed their details in the sections below!

What are phone tracking applications?

Before we tell you about the top five applications, we would like you to know that the phone tracker apps are the essential software programs that you must install on your device. These tracker apps aim to trace out GPS location, calls, messages, and many more things. These applications can be used to track a mobile if it gets lost or stolen and parents can also use these applications to track their children’s activity. 

If you want to get a mobile tracking application for yourself or your child, you can easily pick one from the below-listed options!

Top Five Mobile Tracking Apps in 2021.

Out of hundreds of paid & free applications available on the web, we have picked the top five ones:


This is the first application on our list and is among the most reliable options you can find in the application stores. Glympse is a free application that is quite simple to use by anyone and everyone. This application allows you to get real-time information and location details of the cell phones of your friends, colleagues, family members and other relevant people from the very interface of your smartphone. The Glympse application is available for both android and iOS users. So you don’t have to worry about its limitations. Some of the features of this mobile tracking application would include:

  • Viewing location without signing up with an account.
  • Viewing friends and family within a private group box.
  • Sharing real-time location with dynamic maps.
  • Free download and operations.
  • Simple and friendly interface.


Family Locator by Life 360

This is another popular mobile tracking application that you should surely consider. If you want to stay connected with friends and family, this is the right application. Here you should know that the family locator application, as the name tells us, can help you locate your family members via GPS for free. The application can be downloaded by both iOS and android users for free. Still, you would face many ads on the interface of the application. If you want to get rid of these ads, you can make a one-time payment for uninterrupted tracking. Some of the important features of this application would include:

  • SOS facility to send alerts to your family in case you are in trouble. 
  • Access to location history.
  • Unlimited location alerts facility.
  • Stolen phone coverage if you get the paid version.

Find my iPhone

This application, as the name tells us, belongs to iOS devices. One should know that this app works perfectly fine on all Apple devices, including Apple iPad, air pods etc. If you have misplaced your Apple device and want to locate them before it gets too late, then you should have this application on your device. This application is free of cost but is only available to iPhone users. Some of the brilliant features of this tracking application include:

  • Locating all sorts of Apple devices on a Map.
  • Playing sound to locate the device if you are near it.
  • Locking the Apple device with a passcode so that none can access it.
  • Remotely erase all contents of your phone. 

Where’s My Droid?

This application is also best for tracking devices. You should know that this application is a designated utility for android users. If you have lost your android phone and want to find it as soon as possible, this is the right application for you. This cell phone tracking application is really easy to use. Even a layperson can learn how to utilize it without any efforts. You can easily locate & recover your lost phone with this app. Some features of it are listed as under:

  • Locating the phone by ringing it.
  • Wiping all of the data on the mobile.
  • Motion alarm system
  • GPS tracking 
  • Geofencing 

You can get the application for free, but you should know that there are many paid features in the app.

My Spy

This is another popular option that you can consider. It is one of the most commonly used utilities that want to track the activities of their kids. Your kid would not even know that you are keeping a check on them if you have this online application. The app is best for iOS and Android devices. It can be used to access data from all sorts of mobile applications, including Facebook, Chrome, and WhatsApp!

These are the top five mobile tracking applications that you should try out!

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