Tommy Fleetwood helps American woman win $250k

8th May 2022

Southport golfer Tommy Fleetwood has unknowingly helped an American woman win more than a quarter of a million dollars.

The resort’s golfing golden child was one of the incorrect answers in a brand new Netflix game show called Bullsh*t, based in America.

The premise allows contestants a double chance at winning because if they get an answer wrong, they can convince a panel of judges their incorrect answer is actually factual.

In one segment, worth an eye watering $250,000 a contestant was asked “which fictional golfer did Kevin Costner play in the film Tin Cup?”

While the correct answer was Roy McAvoy, one of the incorrect answers was PGA star and Southport born Tommy Fleetwood.

Not knowing the answer, the contestant blindly picked out Tommy, before being forced to convince a panel of three judges that she had in fact picked the right answer.

Luckily she only needed to convince one judge in order to redeem herself and a fake story about watching the film ‘starring Kevin Costner as the fictional Tommy Fleetwood’ with her mother was enough to trick a panellist.