Tok Time Digital Human Live Streaming E-commerce Leading the Global Trend

14th July 2023

With the advancement of global technology and the development of the e-commerce field, social media platforms have increasingly played a crucial role. Leveraging their online influence, they directly promote and sell products to fans and online audiences. The popularization of live streaming e-commerce marketing has driven the rapid growth of the e-commerce industry as a whole, with notable platforms such as TikTok, Douyin, Kwai, and Taobao. In 2023, the further integration of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and live streaming platforms has made digital human live streaming e-commerce a significant force in global technological development. It has transformed the way global businesses, producers, sellers, and consumers engage in online commerce.

It is reported that in 2023, Amazon will expand into the AI digital human live streaming e-commerce field. By collaborating with various national live streaming e-commerce sites such as Global Taobao and AliExpress, they will establish Tok Time E-Commerce Live Streaming Co., Ltd. as the initiating entity. Starting from London, United Kingdom, they will gradually expand their digital human e-commerce live streaming business, enhance e-commerce sales methods and channels, increase the user base, and strategically extend their operations to Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania regions.

Tok Time Digital Human (also known as AI virtual humans) live streaming e-commerce possesses the following characteristics:

1st,Long-duration intelligent broadcasting: 24/7 intelligent live streaming, seizing idle streaming traffic. Digital human anchors do not experience the fatigue of traditional hosts and are not affected by emotional fluctuations or physiological and psychological changes. Through the use of artificial intelligence algorithms, virtual characters appear remarkably lifelike, enabling real-time interaction with consumers during live streams.

2nd,Real-time dual-channel driving: Combining real people and intelligent systems to make virtual human live streaming more authentic.

3rd,Diverse and rich avatars: Supports customized avatars that perfectly adapt to different live streaming scenarios.

4th,Comprehensive functional coverage: Provides comprehensive live streaming functionality to meet a wide range of content needs.

Tok Time Digital Human, driven by AI, can automatically conduct intelligent live streaming throughout the day, achieving real-time online presence at a minimal cost. It offers various interactive modes during live streaming, and real individuals can take over interactions at any time or utilize a live Q&A database, enriching the host’s appearance. This immersive interactive shopping experience surpasses the limitations of traditional e-commerce. Virtual hosts can showcase products, answer questions, and provide personalized recommendations. With AI virtual hosts capable of catering to diverse global markets and overcoming language barriers, enterprises, brands, and merchants can expand their global influence and enter previously untapped consumer domains.

The technology-driven approach of Tok Time Digital Human live streaming not only enhances the efficiency and convenience of online shopping but also creates new economic opportunities. This innovative economic form combines AI, live streaming technology, and e-commerce platforms to create dynamic and interactive shopping experiences for global consumers. Therefore, AI virtual human live streaming e-commerce is redefining economic structures, providing unprecedented consumer engagement, and transforming the way businesses connect with consumers in the digital era. This industry enables companies to expand their global influence and enter previously untapped consumer domains. The emergence of AI digital human live streaming e-commerce represents a groundbreaking milestone in global technological development, and it will completely change the landscape of live streaming e-commerce and traditional economic structures.

Can Tok Time Digital Human Live Streaming E-commerce lead the global trend? The answer is affirmative. The trends of the era have already provided a definite answer.



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