Title: 4 Ways to Leverage Technology to Streamline Your Business

Introduction: It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to mention that the business world, in today’s day and age, would collapse without technology. The structure and operations are so heavily technology dependant that it is difficult to imagine businesses without it. There are countless details and mechanics that go into making any business stable. And what technology precisely does is – it ties everything together.

Also, you cannot pour your attention into one aspect of your business and discard another. You need to adopt a holistic approach when it comes to building the brand’s legacy. And technology helps you with that. Now it’s on you that how effectively and efficiently you incorporate it into your business operations.

Today we’ll be navigating through some of the top ways in which you can leverage technology to streamline your business :

  1. VoIP phone system: When we talk of technology and businesses, the VoIP phone system tops the charts right now. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol enables you to make/handle business calls over the internet. Here, the size of your business makes no difference. Even if you’re a small business that is looking to enhance its customer service, you need VoIP. See it this way, won’t you want to serve your customers with nothing but the best? A VoIP phone system and a business phone number enable you to do that.

It gives your business the power to be up and running even if your staff is not physically housed at the same place. They can be anywhere in the world and still be present for your customers 24*7*365. And that alone makes VoIP phone systems stand apart.

Some of the other incredible facets of getting a virtual phone number are:

  • Better customer service.
  • Uncompromised availability for your customers.
  • Cost effectivity.
  • Unified communication for your business.
  • A plethora of features such as call queuing, call barging, call analytics, and many more.
  • A VoIP phone system (business phone number) also offers a ring all feature wherein calls can be made to all the users associated with a number – at the same time.

Virtual phone numbers drive business in all the aforementioned and so many more ways. VoIP phone systems are neither an alternative nor a luxury at this point. They’re literally a mandate for all the businesses looking for an edge. So now you know what you’ve been missing if you still haven’t made the switch.


  1. Inventory Management: Technology enables inventory management in ways that are impossible to achieve manually. Inventory management is basically about having the right products available in the right quantities, and most importantly – at the right time.

Substandard inventory management faces issues such as running out of stock, having excess stock, or having obsolete stock. Whatever may be the case, technology like inventory management software and inventory control can efficiently handle it.

Quality inventory management, when infused with technology, will help you to :

  • Track your stock in real-time.
  • Prevent stock shortage.
  • Prevent stock excess.
  • Analyse your inventory effectively.
  • Manage inventory from multiple warehouses/locations.


3. Augmented reality and Virtual reality: Imagine if you want to shop some outfits or want to rent an apartment but do not have the time and energy to physically visit the store or the apartment to see how it looks! Well, the sister technologies – augmented reality and virtual reality make it possible for you to see what outfits suit you or whether you like that apartment from the comfort of your home. Isn’t it unparalleled?

Here’s how Augmented reality enables businesses :

  • Product demos
  • Try before you buy option
  • Increase brand interaction
  • Enhances user experience

From retail and travel and tourism to real estate and training and education, AR and VR are enabling businesses like never before.

4. Digital Sales: Well it’s clear by now that the entire purpose of technology in businesses is to enhance user experience in all ways. Now your customers are of course interested in the quality of your products/services but they are more interested in their experience of accessing/buying that product/service. So, if you’re a business who has yet not made it to the digital platforms, you’re missing out big-time.

Technology has changed the very basis of how customers make their purchases. And they’re highly inclined towards purchasing from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, brands who are looking for some serious short- and long-term gains need to step up and go digital when it comes to sales.

Conclusion: So now you know the spectrum is wide enough when we talk about leveraging technology to streamline your business. But the only way to get an edge in this fiercely competitive space is to analyze your businesses processes and routines. And then amend and align them with the latest technologies