SMS payments are increasingly becoming popular on online casinos. They are fast, safe, and easy to complete. All you need is a mobile device and an account at an SMS casino. And then you can fund your account instantly even when you don’t have money right away.

Like online stores, gambling websites give players two options: pay through a phone bill or a prepaid card. The first option lets you play on credit while you must have money to use the latter.

All the same, here are seven helpful tips for playing online casino games while using SMS for payments.

Choose Cards Over Phone Bill

Although prepaid cards require initial funding, they ensure you play casino games on a budget. You can fund your card with £50, £100, or £1000. Regardless, you’ll have a budget to use for a week or month.

A budget is critical because it helps you choose bet amounts carefully. It also allows you to create a game schedule based on the amount you can afford to play every week. This, in turn, helps you manage your finances properly and avoid overspending.

In contrast, phone bill payments let you choose your betting amounts. You could spend £20 today and £200 tomorrow. You can always create a budget. But even then, you’re at risk of overspending now that you have access to money you don’t own.

Select a Top-rated Casino

Online casinos are generally safe these days. They have licenses, security certificates, and work with trusted game providers. Still, they are never the same. A top-rated SMS casino will often provide better services than a poorly rated one.

Think of everything you want from an online casino: game variety, bonuses, fast payments, reliable customer service, everything. You can only get these services at respected operators. Check out for a guide on the best SMS online casinos. Then compare them and choose your favorite.

As an extra tip, read the terms and conditions of various services beforehand. For example, learn bonus terms. That way, you only claim an offer once you’re convinced you can complete its requirements.

Select High RTP Games

Although your mode of payment is SMS, your objective is to win casino games. Oh yes, you also want to have fun while at it. As such, choose games with high Return to Player Rates (RTP). For reference, pick games whose RTP range from 95% and 99%.

Payout rates aside, choose entertaining games. These are slots with interesting storylines, in-game bonuses, and random jackpots. Also, they should feature attractive graphics and work on both desktop and mobile devices.

What if you prefer to play card games? Select games with the lowest house edge. Then find out if there’s a way to reduce the house edge even further. Classic Blackjack, for example, has a 1% edge. And you can reduce it by using strategies.

Exploit Good Bonuses

Bonuses are like spices on online casinos. You don’t really need them, but they add flavor. They also increase your chances of winning. And isn’t that what we all want? Unfortunately, not all bonuses are worth it.

That’s why the keyword is to exploit good bonuses and not just any random offers. For clarity, a good bonus is easy to qualify for, and it comes with flexible terms and conditions.

Let’s use a no deposit bonus with no wagering as an example. The qualification is to register a casino account—this takes five minutes. The terms are to use your offer within three days. That’s an excellent bonus to exploit.

Of course, not every bonus comes with zero wagering requirements and asks for no deposits. Quite the contrary, most offers come with terms and conditions. Your goal is to sift through the chuff to identify the wheat of bonuses.

Check Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Fees are critical features in a casino. You want to deposit money seamlessly without incurring high costs. And you want to withdraw your profits without worrying about rigid limits.

So, what are great casino fees? By default, the best casinos don’t charge deposits. You could use SMS, PayPal, Visa, or wire transfers. But you don’t pay anything to the casino as part of the process.

The only payments you might incur are those charged by payment networks. So, shop around to discover which banking option provides the least fees for SMS payments. Boku is the most popular option in the UK, but you could also use Zimpler, Bango, or Payforit.

When it comes to withdrawals, fees are not uncommon. Many casinos charge 1 to 5% of your profits. However, there are a handful of operators with no withdrawal fees. Check around to discover the best offer you get.

Look for Flexible Limits

SMS payments tend to have incredibly small limits, especially if you choose to pay by phone bill. The rates range from £20 daily to £500 monthly. This might seem like a great range of small-take players.

But it’s limiting for high rollers. Fortunately, limits differ from one payment provider to another. So, you can compare your options to discover high limits. Keep in mind you could increase limits by verifying your account details.

Alternatively, you can use SMS payments when you want to deposit small amounts. You can then use PayPal, Skrill, debit cards, and wire transfers for bigger payments.

Look for Functional Customer Service

Let’s face. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows at online casinos. Sometimes websites and apps crash. Or you could make an honest mistake while withdrawing your money. You could also get locked out of your account mysteriously.

All the same, the objective is to get the help you need timely. And this only happens at casinos with reliable customer service departments. They reply to your emails instantly and provide helpful assistance.

In many cases, casinos provide customer service through chatbots, phones, and emails. Some operators also feature knowledge webpages and active social media accounts. However, chatbots are the most preferred option. That’s because you get feedback instantly 24/7.