Tips For Office Branding

  1. Come Up With Your Brand Values

Before getting started with any kind of interior design work for your office, you need to ensure that you are defining your brand’s values. Not only do you need to focus on more obvious things like your brand’s logo, color-schemes, and trademarks, but you also need to come up with a personality for your brand.

The best way to do this would be by asking how you want your brand to be perceived. Figure out what kind of conclusions you want prospective customers to draw about your business. The best way to get the root of your brand’s core identity is by thinking about words that vividly describe your business and your customers.

  1. Differentiate Between Both Staff and Client Spaces

When you are planning out your office’s design, you need to differentiate everything from your client’s spaces to your staff spaces. Your staff members and employees will likely view your brand very differently from your customers. Therefore, you shouldn’t treat them the same.

While your employees will certainly have more information to base their perception on, your customers don’t have the same light into the day-to-day operations of your business. Therefore, you want to come up with different offline branding ideas for the different kinds of office spaces in your company to send the optimal message to each.

  1. Understand The Importance Of Your Touchpoints

The fact is, your office’s branding is likely to be a balancing act. A key tip that you will want to use to achieve the right balance is by focusing on the different areas where you will be able to have the best impact on your prospective customers.

There is a prominent touchpoint that you should be focusing on which is the reception area of your office. This is one of the most important areas which means it should be a primary focus. It should demonstrate what your brand is and what you do as a company. You also want to focus on the most important areas for your employees to ensure you are considering which kind of activity you want to do there.

  1. Including Your Products

While this will certainly vary based on your brand, one of the main things you will want to do is to effectively showcase the products you are selling. Nothing is going to tell a story as well as your products can.

  1. Focus On Colors

Your brand’s colors matter. Therefore, you want to focus on them and carefully pick them out. You want the colors that represent your brand as well as possible. Don’t pick colors without considering the implications of them. Use the colors when decorating and outfitting your office.

If your company’s colors don’t fit well in an office setting, you may want to use different colors for decorating. After all, if your employees are always working in high-pressure situations, you might not want to add to it by using intense colors. Likewise, if your office is looking to stimulate creativity, you don’t want plain white walls. Therefore, these things should be considered when you are coming up with the interior design of your office.


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