Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dissertation Topic

6th February 2024

According to new research, more than 40% of Ph.D. students met the criteria for moderate to severe anxiety or depression. In comparison, 32% of working professionals fulfilled these criteria for depression and 26% for anxiety. The group also reported an equally high suicide risk. One of the major reasons for their stress and anxiety is having to write an exceptional dissertation.

Postgraduate dissertations are crucial and demanding. Whether you’re pursuing a Master’s degree or a Doctorate, you’ll be expected to deliver stellar work that makes a valuable contribution to your field of study.

Undeniably, the most daunting part of the entire process is how to choose the perfect dissertation topic. According to the eminent stalwarts of reputed dissertation writing services like MyAssignment.Live, with so many competing voices and a significant wealth of work that’s gone before, it may seem challenging to find a niche.

Excellent topics are the ones that come as a result of extensive research and careful consideration. Today’s well-detailed guide is designed to aid you in kickstarting your thought process and outlines foolproof techniques to curate a dissertation topic of merit.

Let’s dive in!


  • Comprehend the Research Process

Begin by reviewing any handouts or instructions you’ve received about what your university/department expects from your dissertation, like the course guidebook, online manual, or in-class directions.

Become familiar with the fundamentals of research diligently (especially techniques) and your university’s specific dissertation or thesis requirements. Do not give in to the temptation to skip ahead before doing so. If you struggle in your uphill journey of crafting the dissertation, you can always fall back on eminent dissertation help online websites like MyAssignment.Live.


  • Review Previous Works

Unless you’re beginning from scratch, there might be many who have already gone through the extensive research process on the same topic. Look for excellent previously written dissertations and theses that can help you get started. Past dissertations can serve as remarkable examples of different factors, like the extent of the bibliography, in-depth literature review, and the kinds of methods that you can use to prove your research hypotheses.


  • Begin with Your Interests

According to Walden University,  it is crucial to determine what resources you have available before selecting the topic – time, money, people – and select one that isn’t too resource-intensive and will hold your interest for long.

Your dissertation journey will become more enjoyable and rewarding if you select a topic that genuinely intrigues you. Consider what you’re passionate about within your field of study. By aligning your research with your interests, you’ll find the inspiration and enthusiasm to dig deep into the subject matter.


  • Select a Relevant Topic

It is crucial to choose a suitable and relevant dissertation topic or proposal title. One of the most effective methods is to restrict the subject area to one relevant to your specific degree. For instance, if you’re an MBA student, you will want to select a topic that relates to management and business practices. This will allow you to devise the most interesting and suitable dissertation title.


  • Select Something Unique

It is crucial to select a different topic for your research project or dissertation to make sure that you have the chance to carry out your research and come to your conclusions. Looking for a unique area of research is often not possible, but possibly you could consider approaching an already-researched area from a different angle. Or, you can also develop a unique idea from a smaller topic that hasn’t already been saturated with the research.


  • Select a Current Subject

An excellent dissertation topic is also one that is recent. The academic world is continuously evolving and presenting new research, so it is important to choose a title that reflects the world today. There is also no point in selecting a dissertation title that is no longer relevant. You may also have trouble finding recent resources for an outdated subject.


  • Consult with Your Mentor or Supervisor

Your dissertation mentor can offer invaluable guidance in choosing a research topic. They have considerable experience in the field and can help you determine topics that are both fascinating and feasible for research. Make sure to discuss your ideas and interests with them and be open to their feedback and suggestions.


  • Narrow Down Your Subject

According to the University of Arizona, as you investigate the research and comprehend the background of your broader subject, take time to consider what really interests you about this specific area. If individual studies, phenomena, or conclusions exist, you can opt to challenge, corroborate, or deepen your questions.

Emphasizing a topic or question that is too small or narrow implies that you’ll strive to expand on your arguments and draw well-rounded conclusions. In a similar vein, when you are crafting your proposal, ensure you do not choose a question that can be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no.’


  • Ensure it’s Plausible

Before you make a final decision on the topic, consider again the length of your paper, the timeframe within which you need to complete it, and the practicalities of conducting the research.

Consider, will you have enough time to read all literature on this topic. If there’s excessive information to deal with, consider narrowing your focus even more. Determine whether you’ll be able to find enough sources or assimilate enough data to fulfill the dissertation requirements. So, if you think you’re striving to find information, consider broadening or shifting your focus.

Lastly, consider do you have to go to a particular location to assimilate data on the topic? In that case, ensure you have adequate time for funding and practical access.


Final Thoughts,

Your choice of postgraduate dissertation topic is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll ever make in your academic career. A well-selected research area will make a highly demanding undertaking much easier to deal with, significantly improving your chance of receiving a mark that reflects your efforts.

By investing careful thought into your topic choice and implementing the strategies above, your dissertation is more likely to lead to a contribution of worth to both your aspirations and your academic field. Here’s wishing you all the luck!