Tips for choosing the best crockery for your table design

19th March 2024

Choosing crockery can be a complex, yet exciting experience. Besides the food that you put on your table, your crockery is arguably the most important consideration, and with this in mind it is important to take your time and choose the crockery and tableware the works well for you and your table design.

We have put together some tips to help when it comes to choosing crockery, from the best materials to consider looking at what purpose you want your crockery for. We will look at how you can mix and match some designs and lastly how to look after your carefully chosen crockery so that it lasts you a lifetime.


There are a number of different materials to consider when it comes to crockery. The first is fine china and bone china, and contrary to popular belief, the two are not actually the same. Bone china made with China clay, China stone and bone ash is a very durable and chip resistant material, which is a great option for everyday use. Both of these materials are dishwasher and microwave safe as well. Look for manufacturers like Wedgewood for quality products that have been designed with every occasion in mind.


Stoneware is finished with a special finishing glaze, to help create something that is not only visually beautiful to look at but also resistant to cracks and breaks. However, it is not a good option if you want to put your crockery in the microwave as this high heat can cause it to crack, for this reason it is also usually better to hand wash it. Royal Doulton have some beautiful stoneware crockery in their collection and offer some very contemporary designs.


Porcelain is another really good, strong material that makes it the perfect choice for both dishwasher and microwave use, unless it has a metallic accent. If so, then both of these should be avoided. Royal Doulton and Portmeirion have some stunning choices that will lend a real touch of elegance to any table.

Purpose for your crockery

If you are looking for everyday crockery then you will probably want the versatility that comes from crockery which is suitable for use in the microwave and which can also be used in the dishwasher. This is both timesaving and practical. If, however, it is for occasional use only, then this will probably be less of a consideration to you.


Crockery comes in a range of different styles from the simplest, and incredibly elegant plain white crockery to the more ornate. You will also find plenty of bold block colours to choose from as well as intricate patterns. Whilst it isn’t possible to mix and match every type of crockery out there, white plates will pair very well with a few well chosen more ornately decorated items to give your table a real touch of elegance.

If you are considering the option of adding to your crockery later down the line so that you can mix and match different sets of crockery, perhaps to add more settings to your table, you should think very carefully before committing. If you want to create a more modern table, then stick to elegant whites which you could easily add bold block colours to for a striking look.

Caring for your crockery

Whilst many of us are time poor and the dishwasher is a great tool for saving time, it is important to make sure that the crockery you choose is suitable for use in a machine. If it isn’t, careful washing with a gentle washing detergent and prompt drying will help to keep it looking its best.