Southport could become a trailblazer for Green Energy if plans for building a tidal lagoon out to sea proceed.

That is the conclusion of Southport’s MP after meeting this week with advisers to the Secretary of State for Energy.

“I was surprised how far plans have progressed on tidal schemes despite some deadweight opposition from civil servants. There’s a real drive in government to make it happen – especially as it is not quite as divisive an issue between the coalition partners as wind farms. Tidal lagoons can look beautiful, the engineering is straightforward and the energy generated does not fluctuate with the weather.

“The government is seeking to use the planned lagoon at Swansea as a test bed and seeing if the economics for that stack up to help the roll out of further schemes.

“Southport could be in the pipeline if we plan now. It could be a unique tourist attraction on this coast and bring the sea back to the seaside. ”

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The Department of Energy reckon that the UK market for tidal energy could be worth £76 billion and could create 68,000 UK based jobs. The UK coastline has some of the best tidal ranges in Europe and the biggest potential with the capacity to meet 5% of our energy needs from tidal power.

“My understanding is that Sefton has already met with tidal power firms to discuss possibilities and subject to success with the Swansea scheme a tidal lagoon in Southport could be a real runner.”

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