With the nation retreating increasingly indoors as the winter weather rolls in, now would appear to be the perfect time for a little bit of DIY. Whether you’re a novice or an expert in the fields of carpentry, drilling, screwing, and sandpapering, this piece looks at three simple projects to get you started this winter – getting some helpful DIY under your belt and improving your home in the process. Read on to learn tips of the trade that’ll help you make your home a more pleasant place this winter.


Thousands of homes across the UK are crying out for extra shelving. If yours is one of them, this is one of the best projects to polish up your DIY skills in advance of the more ambitious projects you might be lining up. Putting up shelves really is a piece of cake – so long as you have the right equipment, and know how to use it effectively.

The life-saving item that’ll help you erect shelves with ease is the angle basket, for use on corners and right-angled builds in your home. This simple piece of metal is perfect for supporting weight close to your wall, and merely requires you to drill it into an appropriate part of your wall, and place a plank on top, to see you the proud owner of a brand new shelf in your home.

New Door

One of the parts of your home that gets the most used – and thus the most wear-and-tear scuffs over the years – is your front door. Furthermore, it’s this door that is your main entry-point into your home, and the main risk factor if thieves target your home for a robbery. As such, plenty of people replace their front door once in a while to enhance their home security as well as the aesthetic of their home.

To replace your front door, you’re going to need to know what kind of frame you currently own. It might be worth asking a builder friend or contact to come and recommend you a new door, which you will then install. Then, simply head over to YouTube or other content-sharing websites to learn how to fit a new door – and presto, you’ll be ready to complete this simple DIY project, too.


Now we’re getting on to the more serious DIY project – something for which beginners might find themselves a little out of their depth. Yes, you can learn how to retile your kitchen or bathroom via online resources, but this is a DIY project recommended only to those with a little experience.

Removing tiles is easy – and fun. But preparing the surface for new tiles, and getting the right layer of glue and grouting on your wall in preparation for the mounting of new tiles, takes a subtle touch and a little trial-and-error, too. If you feel confident that you can work slowly and methodically on retiling, though, this is one of the best home DIY projects to improve your home’s interior this winter.

Choose one of the above three DIY projects to help boost your home’s value, and aesthetic appeal, as the winter months draw in.