Thomas De Freitas calls for mass renewal project for road markings and signage

20th April 2021

Conservative election candidate in Meols ward, Thomas de Freitas, has called upon Sefton Council to
undertake the largest road marking renewal project seen in years.

The Conservative Party candidate has expressed concern at the recent decline in the condition of both
road markings and road signage, and has committed to push for a massive restoration and renewal
project for Southport’s roads if elected.

Local elections, which will be held on 6 May, will see de Freitas come up against candidates for the
Liberal Democrats, Labour, and the Green Party. The Conservatives gained the most votes in Meols
ward during the recent general election, and de Freitas hopes to turn this momentum into seeing his
election as the first Conservative Councillor in Meols ward for decades.

Concerns have been raised by residents over the fading of road markings and signage over recent
years, with Meols seemingly forgotten by the Council when it comes to investments in road
improvements in Southport.

Thomas explained: “Local residents across the ward have contacted me to express their dismay at the recent
decline in road conditions in across the area, with little seemingly done by Meols’s three Lib
Dem councillors.

“It is completely understandable that people are seeking a fair share of investment in our part
of town – unfortunately a Lib Dem monopoly in Meols has led to complacency. Electing the
first Conservative councillor in years will send a message that we won’t stand for this any

“Councillors are paid to stand up for their areas – but we haven’t seen this in Meols. Despite
not yet having been elected, I have already secured the repainting (and adding) of road
markings along Water Lane in Crossens, having argued the case with the Council. If I can do it
with a few strong emails, why can’t the ward’s current councillors?

“There is no excuse. We need councillors elected in Southport who are not afraid to speak plainly. If something is not right, the Council need to act – we pay enough Council tax to deserve it.”

De Freitas wants to see new road signs, fresh road markings, and retarmacking across the ward.