Thieves hunted over Ainsdale van smash and grab

20th April 2022

A hard working car detailer from Ainsdale is appealing for information after thieves smashed his van window and made off with his wallet.

Kieran Shaw of KS Autocare is appealing for people to anonymously come forward with any information over the theft which took place in Ainsdale on Tuesday morning.

Shocking pictures shared by Kieran show his van covered in shattered glass after thieves broke into the vehicle and swiped his wallet.

They made off with a handful of cash and cards.

Keiran said via an appeal on Facebook “if anybody has any information at all as to who this could’ve been, I’d be greatly appreciative if you shared such information with me anonymously.

It seems to be all too common that this is happening recently to hard working and honest people. It’s such a shame that we are targeted, I almost wish I’d upset someone so I’d have an idea of who it could’ve been or more accepting of “I had it coming’! But sadly that’s not the case.

“To the person that did this, I hope you enjoy the
money in my wallet that I worked hard for.”