The Royal farce – what is it costing?

The classic obscenity of traditional royal indulgence

Duchess of Cambridge. leading the way or…?

Starving homeless on our streets this Xmas but the cost of the Duchess’s 2016 wardrobe this year came to £174,000; four times as much as last year’s spend, which came to around £43,000.

Kate’s father-in-law, Prince Charles, will meet the cost through his official household budget. Estimates suggest that the Duchess has spent more than £35,000 on designer outfits in the past six months alone.–Prince-Charles-foots-bill.html

Royal finances

The estimated total annual cost of the monarchy is £334m, around eight times the official figure published by the royal household. The monarchy is expensive, very expensive. Of course it wouldn’t matter if it were free – the cost to our democracy would still be too high – but when the Palace tells you it’s “value-for-money”, don’t believe them. We could get much better for far less.

The other side of the coin is not as attractive as Kate’s flashy wardrobe and human suffering goes on for many unfortunate folks this Xmas…

Rough Sleeper on a Southport Marine Lake bench

Classic signs of a bigger problem

The gigantic waste and indulgence of the royals is a symptom of a larger problem. They are largely unaccountable and can operate with a far greater amount of mystery than any other fragment of the State. The Palace also holds significant lobbying power within government. Many today believe that this explains why the government hasn’t sincerely tackled royal spending as it, in all fairness, should.

Perhaps the above may not feature in the Queen’s Xmas Day message.

However, maybe others will feature it.  Come on Helen – do it again!

Seriously though, an increasing number of people believe that true democracy for all will remain an illusion, whilst we continue to support a biased establishment that promotes the mega-costly elitism of one privileged family above all others.

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