The Mount Pleasant launches SMARTPHONE Pub Quiz

13th July 2017

The Mount Pleasant launches SMARTPHONE Pub Quiz

QUIZ boffins are being put to the test thanks to the The Mount Pleasant’s brand new mobile phone based pub quiz!

No pens to run out, no paper to be rolled up in anger and best of all, no way your team can cheat with this new way of quizzing and testing your brain matter over a bev.

Each Friday the Mount Pleasant Pub on Manchester Road, Southport will host an interactive smartphone quiz from 9pm with plenty of cash prizes to be won on the night.

A spokesperson for the Mount told OTS News: “It takes place every Friday from 9pm.

“It is a great fun quiz – there is no cheating as you only have 10 seconds to answer, and the fastest team gets extra points too.

“Plus their signature tune (which is selected at the start of the quiz) is played, which can be anything from Barbie Girl through to I Feel Good and a whole bunch of others.

“The quiz is a mixture of general knowledge and pictures, with a broad range of topics covered.

“All the entrance fees are paid back out as prizes so there is an incentive to do well. To finish the night we have a round of Jingo Bingo, which is a free to enter music bingo.”

For more information or to take part, turn up with your mates each Friday and get quizzing!