The most popular gamblers’ omens believed globally

13th June 2022

Many people who enjoy gambling believe in superstitions, signs and omens. Over the years, gamblers have developed their own omens, which are reckoned with all over the world. Of course, to save your money, you should also read UK casino reviews.


In this article, we will discuss the most popular superstitions that are deeply rooted in gambling circles. Believing in them or not is everyone’s own business, but learning about what can theoretically help you win or keep you from losing is always interesting.


Beginners get lucky.

This omen is often used in everyday life, but especially revered by the players. Regular casino-goers are convinced that newcomers are the ones who are the lucky ones. A person playing for the first time cannot lose, they say.


That is why other players, if possible, repeat the bet for the newcomer. If you can’t do that, they won’t play at the same table with him. And not only because an inexperienced opponent is likely to leave them without a win, but also because a beginner’s actions are often unpredictable and incomprehensible to other gamblers.


Wear red

Gamblers quite often choose to wear the ‘lucky’ clothes they once won, and now always wear them before a game. It is best if such things are also red, as it is considered to be the colour of luck in gambling.


Gamblers around the world know about this rule, but it comes from Asia. Exactly in China, red is considered the colour of prosperity and good luck. In Macau, the Asian hub of gambling, some casinos even have red rooms specifically designed to attract players to good fortune and money.


Don’t go in the front door


The omen that recommends players enter casinos through the side or back doors originated in Las Vegas. The entrance to the MGM Grand Casino was once a huge lion’s head, with visitors entering simply through its jaws.


People thought it was a bad sign. Many of them never dared to enter the jaws, so they looked for side doors. The MGM Grand even changed its main entrance because of this, but the omen cannot be changed. Superstitious players still don’t enter the casino through the front door. This applies not only to the MGM Grand, but to all other gambling establishments as well.


Choose the location

Some players believe that the outcome of a game may depend on the table they are playing at and where they are sitting. Simply sitting at the nearest table is not a good idea. A good look around the casino room, and pick a table that has plenty of chips and at least one person among the players in a good mood.


Having decided this, you need to sit in the right place. Lucky place is opposite to the entrance, but to sit with his back to him – to lose. Another way to choose a seat at the table is to watch it for a while and sit in the winner’s seat. It is not advisable to take the place of a gambler whose bet has not been played, because his failure may pass on.


Other signs popular with gamblers

  • Cards should be taken with the right hand only, and only when the dealer has finished dealing.
  • Women, especially pregnant women, bring good luck. They should stand next to the player, never behind him. They are not allowed to touch the gambler.
  • A chip or die should be rubbed against your clothes before a bet or roll.
  • You should take a high denomination banknote to the casino and touch it before each bet. Preferably keep it in your pocket, and conduct the ritual unnoticed by others.
  • Do not rejoice about the first win, it should be taken for granted. All subsequent victories can be celebrated.
  • Do not count money or lend money to someone before a game.
  • No crossing your legs or whistling during a game as it discourages luck and money.


Gamblers are considered one of the most superstitious people, because they often take omens very seriously. It’s hard to claim that they really work, but it’s certain that by observing them, gamblers feel more confident and relaxed.