The Labour man who wants to take over Southport gets thrown out of court

16th April 2015

Photo: Joe Anderson

Paid £90 per week for doing nothing at all. Labour’s version of a zero hours contract

The man who wants to take over Southport, Liverpool Labour boss Joe Anderson, has failed in his bid to get a compensation payment out of Crosby’s Chesterfield High School .
The school had sacked Joe because he had been paid £4,500 per year for two years when he hadn’t done any work at all for the school. The appeal court confirmed the decision of an earlier tribunal that he was entitled to no compensation at all. It was unreasonable for a public body to keep paying him forever for doing nothing. 

At the Employment Tribunal, presiding Judge Richard Sekota QC said:
“The school was reasonably entitled to regard the arrangement as inequitable and unsustainable,” and that Mr Anderson, who is paid £61,500 per year by Liverpool City Council, “procured a payment, albeit modest, from public funds for which he provided, and was not expected to provide, any service.He went on:

“It was, more likely, considered to be a reverse form of zero hours contract, whereby the school was bound to make payment of salary but Mr Anderson was not bound to provide any services, It is certainly fairly arguable that this arrangement may strike members of the public as constituting a misapplication of public monies.”

Labour and Conservative Parties both want Joe Anderson to be allowed to take over Southport as a Liverpool City Region Mayor. Lib Dem Ministers in the Coalition Government stopped that from happening earlier this year.


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