The Friends of Real Lancashire Day 2012

Throughout the traditional, historic and geographical county of Lancashire, from the River Mersey in the south to the River Duddon in the north, people will be celebrating Lancashire Day.   Town Criers will be reading out the Lancashire Day Proclamation to remind people that wherever they live between the Furness Fells to the River Mersey, from the Irish Sea coast to the Pennines, that they live in Lancashire.

No legislation has ever changed the boundaries of Britain’s traditional counties despite changes to administrative areas, and so it is right that people from Liverpool and Manchester in the south through to Barrow-in-Furness and Hawkshead in the north should celebrate their Lancastrian identity and heritage.

As always, the Friends of Real Lancashire will send loyal greetings for Lancashire Day to her Majesty The Queen, Duke of Lancaster.

Many events are planned to celebrate Lancashire Day and those that we know of are listed on the attached sheet.    Also enclosed is a copy of the Lancashire Day Proclamation and notes on Lancashire Day.

If you visit our website you can down load a map of Lancashire together with the Red Rose of Lancashire, our county emblem, which we hope you will use.

Lancastrians are urged to wear a Red Rose on Lancashire Day and at nine o’clock in the evening to unite in drinking the Loyal Toast to “The Queen, Duke of Lancaster”.

The Local Government Act 1972 did not abolish traditional counties, only administrative ones. Although for local government purposes some of the historic counties have ceased to be administrative areas, they continue to exist for other purposes.”     Department of the Environment 3.9.1991

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