The Fox & Goose to host an amazing night of live music

The Fox & Goose to host an amazing night of live music.

The Fox & Goose has another amazing night of live music in the works with three of the North West’s best acts.

Tom Middleton of TM Promotions and the Fox & Goose have been putting on regular events on at the venue earlier this month and these events have proven to be an attraction. Next week on Friday the 30th of June, three acts take the stage at the Fox & Goose for an incredible night of music.

TM Promotions brings you a Foxy Friday with music from Southbank Crows, Serperus and Mike West on the 30th of June 2017 at the Fox & Goose located on 8 Cable Street, Southport, PR9 0DF.

The first act to take the stage is Mike West, a folk singer from Rock Ferry, Blackburn. The second act to perform is Serperus, a metal band from Liverpool who have recently released their EP “Infernal Seasons”.

Finally, the last act to perform on the night is Southbank Crows, a London based band who although haven’t been going long, have gained a good following.

Southbank Crows:
Alternative band from London

Five piece metal band from Liverpool, UK

Mike West:
Folk Singer from Rock Ferry

If you’re interested in playing at the Fox & Goose on a Friday contact TM Promotions through Facebook or or alternatively message Tom Middleton through Facebook.