The double-sided promo code strategy

23rd December 2023

As a marketing strategy, we are now used to seeing betting companies use promo codes to promote their businesses. In the previous years, this wasn’t a common trend, as bookies sought to boost their earnings but with the success seen in the first attempts, this has become a regular strategy. Initially used to attract new customers, promo codes are also being employed as a customer retention strategy today, making it a double hit for betting companies. Bookies design specific targets for their promotional incentives to see that they capture a certain segment of the audience, be it the users just registering or the ones who have been there over time. However, offering promotional incentives, without necessarily having a promo code is also a trend that has been employed in major markets, like the UK.  This strategy has been employed across sites and it is proving successful on betting platforms such as Lottoland, which offers up to £5 bonus. Reviews for such sites indicate clearly the impact of having promo codes, or not, as a means to enhance simplified user experience and as analysed on Sportytrader, you can check here to see if there is a promo code on Lottoland.

Using a promo code: Advantages and disadvantages

Both using a promo code or not comes with their advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the betting company’s wider strategy and approach to business. Promo codes can be a great way to attract customers as they may capture the undecided users who are scouting around for a favorable betting site. On the flipside though, they may encourage unfair business, especially in the event a user creates multiple accounts, to just take advantage of welcome offers. Many sites have been working towards ensuring they guard against this. While having a promo code is welcome, it sometimes also complicates things for the users. An ordinary user would want to just sign up and get their bonus without having to enter given codes and read through even more terms and conditions. Such a user will most likely go for a site that has a bonus without a promo code in search of a simplified user experience.

Competitive edge

Using a promo code can give a bookie the much-needed competitive edge in a congested market. Promo codes differentiate the various market players, placing one over another. A great bonus is always very compelling, and when it is accompanied by a promo code it makes the company stand out. However, where no promo codes are used, the particular site protects the users from the cumbersome processes that go into registering for the promotion, which may leave the user frustrated. Doing away with such promo codes prioritizes user experience while reducing potential blocks that a user may encounter. A user who receives their bonus automatically, without having to enter a promo code will have a better experience, and is more likely to stay on at the bookie. However, when there is no promo code, another loss to the betting company is that they may have limited info to track the effectiveness of that particular marketing strategy. This would result in inadequacies where there is need for feedback to improve on the services already on offer.