The best CS:GO cases to open for profit

4th May 2022

Opening CS GO cases has long become almost a separate game within the framework of a shooter. Gamers are driven by a gambling desire to try their luck and how to get a chance to win a valuable prize in the lottery, in this case, a skin. The hype around cases has not faded over the years, so every year there are more and more sites offering to open their own cases, and not just the ones familiar by Valve. But today we will return to the classics and find out what famous cases are more profitable to open in 2022.

A bit of math

Today there are dozens of classic cases from Valve. All of them differ in their content and were timed either to the release of a new operation or to some large-scale event in the world of Counter Strike. But they are united by one thing – proportions. No matter how new or old, expensive or cheap a case is, rare items will be represented in them in the same proportion. This should be taken into account before analyzing the profitability of opening.

How to choose which CSGO cases to open?

Initially, the whole concept and charm was that the player himself chooses which case he likes based on the content and tries to win the coolest skin for his profile. Therefore, it all depends on your budget and wishes, you must first monitor the cases in order to understand what skins are inside and decide on the items that you would like. But below we will talk about the best cases, in our opinion, in terms of price / rarity / content and don’t forget to use your CSGOFast promo code.

TOP cases CS:GO:

  • Spectrum 2

You can get wonderful budget skins from it. There is an unusual coloring for the Glock-18, an attractive wooden pattern on the autosniper gun, and a nice MP9 submachine gun that looks like it is covered in slime.

But even among the expensive skins, there are excellent specimens here too. For example, the AK-47| Empress is one of the most detailed weapon skin in Counter Strike.

  • Clutch Case

There are a lot of simple items here, but they are all very bright and attractive, the price of the case is small, so there are great chances for payback. In addition, all pink and red quality skins in this case can be included in the top of the best guns in the game. There is a USP-S | Cotex with a unique design, a beautiful AWP Mortis sniper rifle, wonderful MP7 and M4A4.


This is a relatively new case released in 2020, but gamers have already appreciated it and believe that it is not inferior to its predecessor. There are no new knives or gloves here, but there are 17 attractive new skins. Look at the AK-47 | Phantom Disruptor, AWP | Capillary and Sawed Off | Apocalypto – their designs are simply a work of art and definitely worth having in a collection.

What are the ways to exchange skins?

Not always by opening the case you get the item you were counting on. And what to do then? In fact, there are 3 ways to trade unwanted skins: selling on the Steam marketplace, individual agreements with other players, and specialized online marketplaces. In the first case, you will most likely be disappointed by low prices, in the second, there is a chance of being deceived, but the last option makes it possible to choose

more favorable conditions. For example, on, you can try to upgrade an item to a more expensive one, or use a Contract – pick up simpler skins (from 2 to 10), to get one but much more valuable.