The 411 on successful facility management

23rd February 2021

3 instant profit boosting software solutions

Facility management is one of the most profitable trades in the market and this endeavour is a gamble of money and energy if executed with ingenuity. Since it is a business that does not solely depend upon one locus but is a conglomeration of different trades, you can bet that it will triple your gains, boosting your profits to unimaginable peaks and making your demand skyrocket!

However it does depend heavily on your strategies and business plans and if you execute all your tasks manually and in the traditional way or take advantage of modern facilities such as digital business management software. These apps are not only optimized to have solutions to all your entrepreneurial problems but they are built to help you avoid such problems in the first place! Some of the best facility management software is listed below so check them out!

  1. Workever:

This cloud-based piece of technological genius is the virtual manager all entrepreneurs need! To not only actively make excellent decisions, sort out schedules, assign jobs but also sign invoices and compare statistics while being on the run! It integrates traditional methods with modern tools and functions and provides you with a vast array of multiple options you can utilize to make your business grow.

The best functions Workever offers are:

  • Accessibility:

Being a virtual app available for all devices this is the perfect software for facility managers. You can not only easily schedule and assign tasks to the suitable field worker and they will instantly receive a notification but they can even check out the specifics of the job on their phone instead of lengthy phone calls explaining the task.

  • Communication:

Workever prioritizes excellent communication and coordination between the office and field staff and has specific tools designed for this exact purpose as well such as the live GPS tracker that allows you to keep an eye on the map and your field staff. While the facility management team on the field can create a virtual dossier of important information in the forms of photos, PDFs and videos which is then synced to the office device so that both teams are in the loop of the tasks.

  • Information:

This software eliminates all paperwork since it has digitalised almost everything! From signatures on invoices to the quoting and pricing system! There are no thick piles of papers! The best part is you can even customize a complete contractor database and save all your suppliers, contractors and customers in one proper system.

  1. UpKeep:

This brilliant software is ace in the market due to its simplified yet modern interface and its diverse tools along with the practicality it enfolds within itself. Upkeep relies solely on factual evidence instead of guesswork which is why the probabilities it presents have a higher chance of boosting your sales. Some incredible features include:

  • Management:

This software allows you to not only track and create guides and lists but also accept work requests on the go! It also has a stock count to keep track of your inventory while the software itself keeps count of the parts utilised!

  • Automation:

Workflows are used to replace traditional work methods which makes this software even more reliable since it also calculates data and reports regarding your progress and assets!

  1. Mpulse Software:

This is another amazing software that will aid you in your entrepreneurial endeavours. Notable features include:

  • Maximum Productivity:

This software ensures that you cut-down as much of your downtime as possible and focus on increasing your productivity to extract as much progress as you can. It allows you to make important jobs your cynosure while ensuring the small tasks don’t get abandoned thus boosting  productivity!

  • Financing:

This software reduces equipment costs by tracking your asset finances and extracting insights o gain better understanding of what is expensive for your funds.


As the cherry on top of the cake, it is important to note how all these software are tried, tested and trusted by a large network of entrepreneurs and all of them boast excellent reviews thus giving you even more reason to invest in them.

These virtual managers are backed up by smart technology and you don’t even have to worry about losing your data or managing a billion files. It is all accessible on the tips of your fingers! They are the ideal managers for all entrepreneurs since unlike humans, the app is able to function at 100% potential throughout the day and maximum productivity can be expected out of it.

However the deal-sealer is the fact that they have comprehensive guides and reports regarding your data, downtime and other statistics and using predictive technology they can help you in making better decisions for your facility management business. So invest in one now and let the road to high profits pave out smooth!