Tenant warns of mould terror at Zetland Street horror house

6th September 2019

A Southport woman who has escaped a house from hell wants to warn others not to move into her former mould infested flat.

Georgie Birch and her partner were faced with unlivable conditions at the flat in 92 Zetland Street and despite complaining to her landlord, he did nothing about it she claims.

Georgie wants to warn others not to see the flat or move in before it is fixed.

She said “we never noticed all the mold till 2 weeks before we moved out but by then it had grew on all the furniture including spare bedding which we had to destroy.

“our landlord wouldn’t do anything about it since moving out of the property and now he’s has messaged me saying that he would like the keys as he is showing someone around on Monday and I really wanna stop him for renting it out to another person because their possessions are gonna get ruined. I really don’t want people getting in a state that both me and my partner had to go through.”