Teenagers rescued from rising tide by lifeboat crews.

31st July 2020

Southport Offshore Rescue Trust saved two teenagers who had become stranded due to the rising tide on Thursday evening.

A post online from the Trust said: “The quad team dispatched and quickly located the casualties whilst our ILB [Inshore Lifeboat], the Christopher Taylor, was launching.

“With the tide still flooding, there was just enough time left for the quads to cross the Pier Channel and reach the two girls.

“The casualties were transferred to the onto the ILB as the quads had to leave the beach quickly via Rainfords Track.

“The ILB recovered, passing the teenagers over to the ambulance crew to be checked over and bringing the call out to a safe conclusion.

“Well done to all agencies involved.

“Earlier in the afternoon, the Southport Lifeboat had so been paged to help a person in difficulty in the water at Ainsdale, but were thankfully stood down whilst making their way to the station as the person had managed to get out of the tide.”