Teen suffers horrific injuries after shocking unprovoked attack

26th June 2020

A Southport teenager has been left with horrific injuries following an unprovoked attack on Ainsdale beach

Police are appealing for information after the 17 year old youngster was set about in a seemingly random attack on Ainsdale beach on Wednesday

The boy’s father Peter Jackson said “My son innocently went to the beach this afternoon of Wednesday 24th June and ended up in hospital (in and out of consciousness) on a drip with multiple fractures to his eye socket which will more than likely result in lasting damage to his eye.

“His eyesight is now impaired and we do not yet know how this will unfold. He was repeated punched in the face after the offender firstly attacked him from behind. We could nearly recognise him.

“He has been scared for life! 17 years old!!!
We have witnesses who described the attack as “unprovoked” and a disgusting inhuman act which resulted in an innocent young lad being scared physically and emotionally for life! This is an unacceptable act of violence which needs bringing to justice.

“My son has never been in any trouble, he’s such a positive, friendly character with such a kind heart. We are devastated! Words can not possible describe our pain.

“Please get in contact with me if you have any more information. I cannot stress enough the damage this has caused our family. The heartache and anxiety is overwhelming. What is this world is coming to when your child ends up like this from a trip to the beach on a sunny day!!

“Please do not hesitate to contact me with info.”