Teen girl followed by ‘suspicious’ man near Asda

A teenage girl was left terrified and her parents furious after a mystery male began following and intimidated her near Southport town centre.

The 16 year old was near to Asda supermarket on Derby Road when she began to feel uneasy after a suspicious looking male started to follow her.

It follows similar sinister incidents throughout the town.

Her father Mark warned “I don’t know if any of you have seen the reports on local groups about a scary bloke following women. Please make you daughters/wives and loved ones aware.

My 16 year old daughter was walking home this evening (Monday 16th November) and was walking past Asda on Derby Road and she noticed a freaky looking man standing at the bus stop and when she had walked past on the opposite side of the road, he started to cross over the road to her side of the road.

So my daughter started to cross over the road towards Asda, and he changed direction and started following her to Asda. She went towards the main entrance of Asda and he followed her all the way to the entrance. She got so worried she went and spoke to the staff at Asda and they were brilliant and took her inside and contacted the police.

She got brought home this evening by a couple of police officers and they explained everything to me. The gentleman was wearing grey Adidas tracky bottoms with a blue jacket as reported by other people. What’s it gonna take for this man to be taken in.

Is it gonna take a young woman to be attacked or worse. Please be vigilant.Asda have managed to get a CCTV image of him which my daughter identified as being him.