John Pugh who is a member of the Public Accounts Committee that has been responsible for exposing the extent of tax avoidance by big companies, banks and High St names has called for a levelling of the playing field for small traders.
“They don’t engage in forming a nest of shell companies, off shore trusts and Luxembourg accounts but they have to compete with those who do,” commented the MP. He goes on to say:

“Historically the tax authorities have proved pretty limp-wristed in curtailing avoidance but while they up their act, we can still use the power of the consumer.

“Smaller local firms should develop a fair tax mark – a commitment to their customers – and customers can decide to spend their money there knowing that none of it is going off-shore through dodgy schemes.

“Just as firms boast of their green credentials or have an ‘Investors in People badge’ we need to develop a fair tax kite mark – something you can put in your window and be proud of.

“This is something I want to discuss with the Federation of Small Business and the Tax Justice Network as there is an existing kitemark but it’s cumbersome and more suitable for larger companies.”

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