Voters in Southport who want to keep the Conservatives out are now being advised to vote Labour by all of the four main tactical voting sites.

Coming just days after former Lib Dem MP John Pugh advised Southport residents to follow the advice of the sites, three of the sites have switched their recommendation to Labour based on growing evidence of a collapse in Lib Dem support here. The fourth had consistently recommended Labour.
The change is a huge body blow to the Lib Dem campaign locally which had tried to offset a decade of decline in their vote in general elections in Southport by pushing the tactical vote angle this time in the hope of diverting support from Labour.
Critics say it has now backfired spectacularly as the sites, which are often slightly behind the curve on the local situation, have now caught up with what is happening on the doorstep.
Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate Liz Savage says that recognition by the sites of the true level of support in Southport is overdue but welcome:
“We’ve known for some time from our canvassing that it was a straight fight between us and the Tories, and indeed the Conservatives themselves recently publicly said exactly the same.”
“The Lib Dems have angered many remainers with the arrogance of their revoke and ignore half of the country stance, just as the Tories are trying to do with the other half.”
“Only Labour is trying to offer everyone an informed choice on Brexit and a policy that also looks at how we bring the country together afterwards.”
 “Crucially, our policies are also the best chance Southport has of getting the investment it so desperately needs in our services, community and town centre.”
“If local people want to stop Johnson’s appalling Brexit deal, ensure Southport’s regeneration and prevent a sell-off of our NHS to US business interests, then they should vote Labour, it really is that simple.”