Just the hint of three masts above the shimmering early morning horizon at Ainsdale and a few clicks on the internet and we entered the world of the privately-owned SV Kaskelot today, one of the largest wooden tall ships still commissioned.

She was on her way out of Liverpool to Dun Laoghaire in Ireland and even using her engines rather than dropping her sails, she won’t be docking until 7am tomorrow morning.

An interesting and elegant ship, she has been the star of numerous movies and prior to her current career, sailed waters as remote and exciting as the Faroes and the Falklands.

She was built in 1948 at Svendborg in Denmark.

The Star of Hope which was famously wrecked off our coast in 1883 (her skeleton still held fast by the sands south of Ainsdale), was also a three masted barque.

You can find out more about the Kaskelot at www.tallshipkaskelot.com


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