The Summer Of Love is coming to Southport Convention Centre

17th April 2019

THE SUMMER OF LOVE The Soundtrack of a Generation

The Summer Of Love  is coming to Southport Convention Centre on 4th June.

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out… The Summer Of Love is back for 2019 and coming to a theatre near you!

From the producers of The Simon and Garfunkel Story and Creedence Clearwater Reimagined, The Summer Of Love tell the story of the summer that changed the world, celebrating all things 60’s: peace, love and rock and roll!

The Summer Of Love is a live celebration of one of the most important cultural events in history. This eclectic explosion of flowers, psychedelia, freedom, peace and love and, of course, timeless music that inspired a generation. 

Join us as we take a nostalgic journey back to the legendary summer of 1967 for the greatest 60’s party in town – all the hits from one of music’s most influential eras, including ‘California Dreaming’, ‘San Francisco’, ‘Turn Turn, Turn’, ’Somebody To Love’, ’Happy Together’, ‘Brown Eyed Girl’, All Along The Watch and over 40 more classic songs.

Director Stuart Price says:

“You can’t deal with that era without looking at what was happening politically but it’s a celebration of the culture of the era and is a celebration of the freedom and a love of the era.”

Musical Director, Jake Field says:

“People were being very creative with their recording and they were pushing the boundaries. And because they had this kind of energy about the recordings, when you look at The Doors of Jimi Hendrix, it inspired a generation to come.”

Producer Dean Elliott says:

“The summer of 1967 inspired some of the greatest music of all time, changing the face of rock music forever. We wanted to honour the contribution that the era made to music, as well as culturally, and bring the soundtrack of that generation to life, hopefully to inspire further generations.”

With original 1960s film footage, incredible vocalists and a world class live band, this ultimate 60s party will have you dancing in the aisles!


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