Southport residents have been shocked to see local Liberal Democrat politicians backed by vocal out of town Remain activists shouting out against the last democratic vote to leave the EU.

One senior resident of Crossens said: “ These people, are not acting democratically or being liberal in any way. They are acting like spoiled schoolyard  bullies who want it all their own way.”

” We had a vote and they lost. So if they win this next election can we have another vote to dump them? It so pathetic – sore losers cannot have it both ways!”

Does Swinson think 17.4 million people are stupid? 

On Question Time the audience recently attacked Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson. Both Leave and Remain voters criticised her decision to fight the election on a policy of cancelling Brexit and revoking Article 50. One Leave voter asked Swinson whether trying to revoke Article 50 confirmed to “17.4million people that you think we are stupid and didn’t know what we were voting for”.

Southport Liberal Democrats candidate, Croston man John Wright, was also out in the Remain group with his little banner seeking to oppose the previous democratic result to Leave.

Above: John Wright has recently voiced his disappointment with the response of his Labour counterpart to his challenge to a debate “anywhere, any time, on any issue”.He also attacked Sefton Council’s Splashworld closure plans in Southport.

Suggestions are also said to be growing that this increasingly dictatorial party should rebrand itself fast – because the words ‘Liberal’ and ‘Democrat’  are clearly not appropriate anymore, due to their latest democratically – dismissive stance against the previous ‘Leave’ voting result!  What new name (apart from the ‘Stuff UK Democracy Party’) could the LibDems adopt today?