Street Lighting Consultation Set To Close

There is still time for residents to have their say on the future of street lighting in Sefton.

A 12-week public consultation closes on Friday, September 28, which asks people for their views on street lighting and a number of options being considered.

Rising energy prices and the need to reduce carbon emissions have made it very important for the council to reduce the amount of electricity consumed by street lights.

Options being considered are:

•Replacing current lighting with more energy efficient units. With this option, the most noticeable change would be that the light produced would be white rather than the current amber.

•Replacing current lighting with LED units. Again the most noticeable change would be white lighting instead of the current amber. However LED lights are more expensive to install but can last for up to 20 years, providing longer-term savings.

•Switching off street lights between 12 midnight and 6am. This option may not be appropriate in all areas and considerations would include an area’s road accident record, its history of anti-social behaviour, the volume of pedestrians etc.

So far, around 200 people have filled in the short questionnaire, but the council is keen to hear from as many people as possible before any decisions are made.

Alan Lunt, Sefton Council’s Director of Built Environment, said: “It is very important that we look at reducing energy consumption wherever possible and it is equally crucial that we properly understand resident’s views before we take any options forward.

“People have until September 28 to have their say and we would encourage people to fill in the short online questionnaire in the coming days.”

To take part in the consultation, visit and follow the link. Paper copies are also available on request by calling 0151 934 4300.

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